Welcome to Yash Metals

Shaping a sustainable world

Welcome to Yash Metals

The leading producer of flat-rolled aluminium products

Welcome to Yash Metals

A Key Player in the Indian Aluminium


We provide our customers with the most advanced technologically produced aluminium products abiding with utmost quality.

Core Values

We work alongside our customers to provide innovative solutions to various industries and high-end specialty markets.

Quality Assurance

We are recognized and measured by the company we keep, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified producers, we don’t hinder with the quality.

Our Recent Launch


Our wide range of aluminium foil wrap is available in different sizes and quantities which makes it the ideal preference in your kitchen. It’s versatility can adapt to your tailored needs of cooking, baking, grilling, storing, and freezing, keeping the food locked with its nutrients and healthy for a long time.


House Wrap 27m

For a roll that lasts you the entire month, this pack is designed to cater to your family needs and fit into that once a month purchase item, so that you never run out of it.


House Wrap 100m

For that ultra-long length of roll that never finishes, this 100m roll will last you a very long time. This is usually suitable for big families, restaurants, and cafeterias that have a high use of foil in their day to day needs.


House Wrap 1 Kg

With a micron thickness of 18 microns, this keeps your food bacteria free for a long time and ensures that you never run out of it, for a very long time. The added thickness ensures that the moisture is retained and the freshness locked in the food for a long time while providing the freedom to cook, grill, and store the food.

Welcome to Yash Metals

We believe in : QUEST



We ensure that all our products are run through quality checks adhering to the International standards, making our products world class



Our customer is our priority, and we go all leaps and bounds to fulfill their needs



We ensure that we achieve excellence in all our business processes to achieve the highest quality standards



We pursue sustainable practices to create a positive impact on the people and environment we work with


Trust and Integrity

We operate with accountability, integrity, and transparency to build trust

I haven’t reverted to the previous brand that I was using ever since I have started using House Wrap. The quality and versatility of the product is amazing and moreover it is pocket-friendly. What else do you need

Deepika Singla

Yash Metals is a quality oriented company and we’ve had a very positive experience. They have delivered so many consignments at a very short notice by expediting the entire process. It has made the relationship with their company grow stronger over the years.

Shiwali Raj Shah

Professional dealing at every stage made the experience extremely positive. The best part is that they delivered quality products on time as committed since their team has the willingness to work. I think the company strives on quality, deliverance, and customer service and that is what sets them apart from their competition.

Tapish Nath

Products form us

Our Best Products

Being one of the largest traders of aluminium we encompass the entire gamut of operations associated with aluminium. Our wide range of products caters to various industries, helping them empower businesses. We have products that provide end-to-end assistance that helps in setting up businesses and run the day to day operations.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

A mark of our ability to consistently provide services and products that meet regulatory and customer requirements

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