Aluminium and innovation in renewable energy

Aluminium and innovation in renewable energy

Natural sources have become a critical factor for energy generation in today’s world. One element plays an important role in the development of the structures and the systems that generate renewable energy from the sun and wind. To generate the maximum amount of energy, these structures are placed in some of the harshest environments. Photovoltaic panels are placed in areas where there is persistent sunshine while giant wind turbines are placed in extremely windy areas which also need strong structures to survive the harsh natural environment. 


Ever since it was introduced in the industrial scenario, as a commercially viable metal it became the element that transformed every industry that it became a part of. Introduced almost a century ago, it is even today considered a metal of the future. While it is no stranger to the energy industry, aluminium is the favoured choice of alloy that is used by the designers of these renewable systems. It is as a result of its key properties, aluminium has rapidly grown in the industry to become a key material. 


Some of the key properties that make aluminium the key choice are:

  • Strength to weight ratio

Aluminium structures weigh less than half the weight of an equivalent steel structure. This also allows saving costs while transporting and erecting the mechanisms


  • Corrosion to Resistance

With a life expectancy of about 30 years- corrosion-resistant aluminium can easily last that long


  • Ease in transportation

It is easy to transport since it is light weight in nature


  • Low maintenance

It is extremely easy to maintain due to its natural ability to withstand harsh weather and has a lot of weather resistance properties


  • Malleable nature

Its malleable nature allows it to be moulded in any shape and size, making it the perfect choice for the designers of renewable energy source structure creators.


  • Easy to assemble

Since it is light in nature, it can be easily unassembled and put back together on-site. This allows ease of transportation and makes it more economical for the company


All these properties make aluminium extrusions a great choice for solar mounting systems and frames. It is these properties that allow designers to work with the freedom to create innovative designs for renewable power generation structures. 


Our aluminium sheets and extrusions are used in:

Photovoltaic panel framing 

Renewable power facilities and infrastructure

Solar farm mounting elements and sub-structures

Roof mounting subsystem structures

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) structures


Aluminium extrusions often play an important role in maintaining the condition of a solar panel. While the one without an aluminium frame may become defective, you may find a solar panel in a perfect condition that is with an aluminium extrusion frame. 


We at Yash Metals are supporters of green energy and the leading suppliers of aluminium extrusions and other products. We strongly support eco-friendly systems and processes and understand that continuous innovations in the applications of aluminium extrusions help in forming a solid foundation to generate green power from solar energy. 



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